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Heavy Head Tattoo Club

Project Type

Website Design

Heavy Head Tattoo Club is a private studio located in Leighton Buzzard. A safe spot where people can come and relax while you get some unique artwork and a sprinkle of therapy.

When me and Kamen first discussed this project, it was clear he needed a hub created for all his brilliant work. From the tattoo club, to the coffee club and all his artwork. As a one-man business owner, trying to manage everything by yourself can take its tole on you.

So we created the Heavy Head Tattoo Club website which was not only a solution for his customers and clients, but for himself. He now had his website, all bookings can be made through his lead-generation form and all answers related to his tattoos can be found on his FAQs section. It not only made it a seamless experience for his customers, but it gives Kamen peace of mind that whenever someone messages about a tattoo, a painting or a t-shirt, he can simply link them the website for everything they need.

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